Directional Wheels Coming to The Wheels Market in 2018

Have you thought of how much easier it would be if you wanted to do a parallel parking and instead of moving to and fro with your car and inching closer to the next car with your steering all you need do is slide sideways horizontally right next to the car as you would with your legs? Well, we are probably inching closer to that in the future, maybe.

William Liddiard created the first wheels that are omnidirectional; he explained that the wheels can be bolted on and can be incorporated to just any car. The Canadian inventor further stated that the wheels could allow you slide horizontally and move just in any direction. He stressed the wheel’s ability to make your car dance and a video was recorded while his car did a “moonwalk”, sliding left and right and going a full circle on one spot. He added that they can also be used like normal tires and as a matter of fact, are much stronger as they can stand all kinds of road and weather conditions.

This innovation is however still on the brink of breakout as Liddiard is still soliciting for a partnership or licensing of the technology, to enable it to reach the market and further achieve mainstream adoption.

As the inventor has disclosed the technology behind the concept, many look to the innovation in great admiration, playing the video back to back, agreeing that there would be a lot of benefit both seen and yet unforeseen to be enjoyed with these omnidirectional wheels. Although, such wheels have been in existence in several machineries and robots, it has never been particularly integrated into traditional cars or more moderns wheels like some of the ones found online, check some of these out. Liddiard stated that the creation still has a couple of work to be done to polish it to the right standard and as a matter of fact he has several countries pending to get into an agreement with him over the invention and he is quite optimistic that soon enough, Many cars will become omnidirectional and not just that, they will be able to dance and do the moonwalk slide as an additional car task.

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